Mikrotik BGP – Rota recursiva


Algumas rotas de BGP ficam com gateway recursivo com mesmo gateway da rota default.

Para corrigir isso, deve-ser fazer um filtro alterando o escopo da rota, para o range de IPs utilizando internamente.

Deve-se colocar um valor menor que 40 (padrão do BGP).


Using that information and information provided here: http://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:IP/Route, I managed to correct the issue presented. I had to do with scope/target-scope. I never knew what they were used for and still not have a full understanding yet. I did notice the rule where if the scope is greater than the target-scope, the route would not be be used for nexthop lookup. By lowering the BGP route on the inbound filter for the specific subnet that should be used as the next-hop to something lower than 40 (the default for BGP), the floating route followed the desired path.